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Connected Church

Feb 27, 2021

Welcome to The Connected Church News! 

The Weekly Digital & Social Media News episode for Leaders and Media Teams of Churches, Ministries and Nonprofits.

This week, we have news about: Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, Oculus VR, YouTube, Twitter,

Week 4, Feb 2021:

🗞️  News 1: Google Meet gets new engagement and safety features

(Source: )

🗞️  News 2: WhatsApp releases a new announcement about its Privacy Policy & Terms

(Source: )

🗞️  News 3: Facebook Oculus VR devices get multi-user accounts & app sharing

(Source: )

🗞️  News 4: YouTube releases new video comparison tools inside analytics

(Source: )

🗞️  News 5: Twitter begins rolling out voice messages in direct messaging

(Source: )

BONUS: 👉🏼 2021 Latest Trend Reports released by Snapchat and Facebook


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