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Connected Church

Mar 6, 2021

Welcome to The Connected Church News! 

The Weekly Digital & Social Media News episode for Leaders and Media Teams of Churches, Ministries and Nonprofits.

This week, we have news about: Android, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter

Week 1, Mar 2021:

🗞️  News 1: Android releases new features focussed on safety and convenience

(Source: )

🗞️  News 2: Facebook tests new tools to combat content related to child exploitation

(Source: )

🗞️  News 3: YouTube releases a new supervised account feature with parental-control

(Source: )

🗞️  News 4: Google Health team expands Care Studio healthcare software solution

(Source: )

🗞️  News 5: Twitter outlines overall direction, future growth & product strategies

(Source: )

BONUS: 👉🏼 How to Navigate Privacy Issues & Uncertainty in the Social Media Space

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