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Connected Church

Mar 20, 2024

Welcome to Connected Church News - Episode 232 


The Weekly Digital, Social Media & Web3 News episode for Leaders and Media Teams of Churches, Ministries and Nonprofits.


This week, we have news about: European AI Law, Meta, ChatGPT, X, Google


Week 3, Mar 2024:


🗞️ News 1: The European Parliament Approves the World's 1st Comprehensive AI Act       


🗞️ News 2: Meta Releases New AI-Powered eCommerce Ads & Optimization Tools    


🗞️ News 3: Inflection AI Launches 2.5 Model with More Capability & Less Computing   


🗞️ News 4: Google Business Listings will Now Display Your Social Media Posts        


🗞️ News 5: X Launches 'Articles', the Long-Form Blog Content Option for Premium+  

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